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We want to share a special story about hope and second chances, especially fitting since spring weather and Easter are around the corner.


This is Neo, an amazing bunny that we rescued two weeks ago. He was left outside by himself in a tiny cage for weeks before we were able to rescue him. He came to us in very bad shape; severely underweight, scared, and nursing a broken leg that was left untreated for months.

Since coming into our care, we've been able to get him medical care, tasty food, and TLC. Seeing him blossom in this short period of time has been inspirational! Even though Neo had every right to fear humans, he allowed us to handle him and shower him with love ❤️.

He's a relaxed and snuggly bun. Loves pets and pancaking. We still have a ways to go getting him 100% and adoptable. He has a number of vet visits lined up and a potential surgery for his broken leg. Below is an xray from his first vet visit.  We needed him to gain weight before we can work on fixing his leg.  He came to us at only 5lbs - where as this big boy should be almost 10-12 pounds.  He is steadily gaining weight and getting stronger everyday.

If you'd like to donate to Neo - please use the button below.  There is also a link to our amazon wishlist which will also help Neo get all the things he loves and needs!  Please stay tuned for further updates of his medical progress.

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Neo had a check up with Dr. Harvey on May 7th.  The sore on his broken foot has started to open - as he gains his strength (and weight) he is causing further irritation to his foot. Dr. Harvey has been determined that he will need a leg amputation for the best quality of life.  We are getting estimates fro the amputation. 
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